Pure Pressure

Pure Pressure by Pure Rinse Systems is a complete power wash & Reverse Osmosis (RO)/Deionization (DI) system in one. The optional DI cartridge further purifies the RO water for the most demanding spot-free cleaning situations. The power wash system takes in the pre water and produces a time saving water pressure of 1000 psi! Both PUMPTEC pumps are mounted on one motor for a compact, flexible design.

The unit moves easily around a job site - it's frame is only 27" wide and fits through the smallest doorways. The large pneumatic wheels allow easy movement & loading. For storage options, the unit can be stowed horizontally or vertically. Also, the top control panel puts the pressure regulator, pressure gauges and water connections within easy access. The lower tray comes in handy for tool, hose and cord storage while easy access to every major component of the system makes maintenance a breeze.

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